Jan Marchal

Back to Africa for endangered antelopes

Lili, Demi and Mek, three female antelopes born in a Czech zoo, will soon be set free in Swaziland under a programme to reintroduce endangered species to their African homeland. Swaziland's last living example of the roan antelope was killed in a trap almost half-a-century ago in 1961.

Czechs launch war on Santa, ‘usurper’ of Christmas

Czechs have launched an ''anti-Santa'' campaign against the white-bearded usurper they fear is edging out the infant Jesus or ''Jezisek'', the traditional bearer of seasonal gifts for centuries. ''I do not have any wish to see a fat man dragging a bag at Christmas. I want to retain my own vision of the infant Jesus,'' said the founder of the campaign, Prague publicity agency manager, Petr Vlasak.

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