Janet Wilhelm

Cashing in on cash crops

The gravel road to Ibisi winds through the hills of the Eastern Cape. Heavy rains have made the bends slippery and the grass a lush lime-green. The turn off is halfway between Umzimkulu and Kok-stad -- but it is not easy to find unless you've travelled there before.

Profits from fresh air

Walter Brooke's career advice in <i>The Graduate</i>, "Ben, I have just one word for you — plastics", was spot on. In the years after the film's 1967 release, plastic manufacturing boomed. But if Brooke had to counsel a confused university graduate today, the word would be "emissions". South African business is preparing to cash in on the world's fastest-growing industry — carbon management.

Top-level probe into Renamo claim

The government has launched a top-level inquiry into allegations that members of the police have been co-opening with Renamo.

Detainees link SAP men to Renamo

A number of people detained in the Eastern Transvaal in the last few months have signed affidavits.

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