Jannie Rossouw

South Africa is on a cliff edge – just as it was in 1985

International banks and companies will be much more reluctant to make loans to SA entities now that the country's credit rating has been downgraded.

ANALYSIS: The South African economy will be bolstered if Zuma falls

What impact will the upheaval inside the ANC and the general political sphere have in the economic arena?

Is the SA Reserve Bank in danger of falling victim to state capture?

It has become patently clear that no institution will be spared in the wave of state capture that is sweeping through the country.

South Africa must accept reality and unburden itself from owning a national airline

That South Africa’s national airline is in a parlous state is no longer in dispute.

South Africa is Africa’s largest economy (again). But what does it mean?

South Africa has toppled Nigeria and reclaimed its status as the largest economy in Africa.

Why reaching and staying middle class is a lifetime challenge

Reaching middle class status and sustaining it into retirement is a major challenge. The key is to live within your means.

Zuma’s grip on power is slipping

Academic Jannie Rossouw says that the president's abrupt change of tack is evidence that his control of power is not as complete as was thought.

Create work with convicts, pensioners and marijuana

The South African economy has fallen on hard times and we need to think creatively about how to resolve the problem and create employment.

Investigate executive salaries to close the wage gap

A government research initiative aims to tackle executives' preposterous salaries to rectify the country's skewed income distribution.

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