Jason Moyo

Business confidence hits new low

Business confidence in Zimbabwe stands at 2%, a new report showed last week.

Journos added to EU hit list

Even for those who are not Robert Mugabe's nearest and dearest will see shopping trips to Europe becoming something of the past.

Activists still targeted by Zanu-PF

In many rural areas displaced villagers are returning to what remains of their homes, while in the townships police are dismantling militia bases.

Mbeki is ‘stumbling block’ to mediation

MDC spokesperson: ''He wants to create the impression that talks are going ahead before big meetings [such as those of the G8 and United Nations]''

Summing it up

Trillions, billions, gazillions -- who cares? Life in Zimbabwe is more than a number.

Shifting centre of power

Neither Mugabe nor Tsvangirai can rule successfully without coming to an agreement. The first talks aimed at reaching a settlement began this week.

Ballot-beaten and weary

Robert Mugabe's widely condemned ''re-election'' last weekend appears to have broken the resolve of many Zimbabweans.

African leaders divided over Mugabe

A transitional government in Zimbabwe should be given two years to let the dust settle before another round of elections can be held, says Angola.

What now for Zimbabwe?

Robert Mugabe is desperate to be declared president this weekend to ensure any inter-party negotiations proceed on his terms.

Consensus grows for Zim unity govt

Angola, Zanu-PF and MDC call for rival parties to cooperate in governing Zimbabwe after election

‘Zanu-PF is going for broke’

Mugabe's party has dispensed with its democratic facade and declared war on the opposition, writes Jason Moyo.

Mugabe warns business to get on side

President Robert Mugabe rejected fresh calls for economic reform at a rare meeting with the heads of Zimbabwe's largest business groups this week.

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