Jaynisha Patel

Can harsh fiscal trade-offs still improve agency and social cohesion for South Africans?

This year’s budget will be a balancing act, but the treasury needs to prioritise restoring South Africans economic agency

Youth key to halting insurgency in Mozambique

Young Mozambicans in the country’s north, who are driven to join Islamic insurgents by poverty, must be included in peace and security efforts

Pockets of instability in Kenya are underpinned by unequal development

Stability in Kenya hinges on a just, equitable distribution of resources, and a commitment to progress human development for the marginalised

Who finances Mozambique’s insurgency?

Informal banking and trade are both a lifeline for local communities and a grey area for terror financing, requiring progressive efforts to develop rather than de-risk

Intensifying economic insecurity may threaten South Africa’s social cohesion

The country’s social fibre is under strain and one cannot help but feel that something will have to give

Rise in forced labour expected amid the Covid-19 economic crisis

Criminals prey on desperate people by offering them false promises of a better life. In fact, they are coercing them into lives of exploitation and misery

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