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Hamilton stirs up social media storm with pro-vegan post

The five time world champion said that the only way to save the planet is to go vegan

World Bank crisis bares chasm between Europe, US

The crisis that brought down Paul Wolfowitz from the presidency of the World Bank has laid bare a chasm existing between the United States and European countries since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Wolfowitz (63) was deputy defence secretary and one of the principal architects of the Iraq war in the administration of US President George Bush.

World Bank problems deeper than Wolfowitz

furore surrounding World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz exposes the need for overdue reform of the six-decade-old development lender itself, according to experts. "It's as much a crisis of governance as a crisis of leadership," said Dennis de Tray, who has worked at both the bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Boeing riding high on 787 success

As competition between Boeing and European aviation rival Airbus heats up, the two groups may see a new dogfight over the issue of government subsidies, analysts say. The prospect of a new political row is looming as Boeing is gaining on Airbus due to the success of its 787 ''Dreamliner'' programme.

Winchester rifle may have fired last shot

The famous Winchester rifle glorified in American Westerns may have fired its last shot as a plant where it had been manufactured since 1866 closed its doors last week. One hundred eighty-six employees of the United States Repeating Arms Company plant located in New Haven, Connecticut, were thanked for their work on Friday, two days after the facility stopped all manufacturing activity.

Palestinian leader makes crucial White House visit

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was set on Thursday for a groundbreaking summit at the White House, seeking strong United States commitments to a viable Palestinian state and a halt to Israeli settlement expansion. Abbas is looking for renewed support for an independent and contiguous Palestinian state.

Bush paints Kerry as a ‘liberal’

President George Bush's tactic heading into the third and final presidential debate this week is to paint his opponent John Kerry as a dangerous leftist who wants to increase the government's role in public life. ''You're going to hear a lot more about Senator Kerry's record in the coming days,'' Bush strategist Karl Rove advised.
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