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Obama talks tough on national security

White House hopeful Barack Obama on Wednesday said Republican policies on national security had left Americans less safe and less respected.

Obama, McCain get down to business

Trading fire over the economy and America's wrenching housing crisis, White House contenders Barack Obama and John McCain got down to business on Monday for a gruelling, five-month slog to the election.

Obama, McCain start countdown to November

Barack Obama and John McCain on Monday started the first full week of a five-month election campaign, intent on redrafting the United States political landscape to capture the White House in November.

Obama quits Chicago church after race rows

Democrat Barack Obama said on Saturday he had quit his long-time Chicago church after months of controversy over racially laced pulpit rhetoric that still threatens to tarnish his White House hopes. The Illinois senator said he and his wife, Michelle, were withdrawing from the 8 000-strong congregation of the Trinity United Church of Christ.

Republicans train sights on Obama

As the Democratic primary contest heads to its climax, the Republicans are firing the opening shots of an election barrage to come against their probable White House opponent, Barack Obama. Republican John McCain and his colleagues already see Hillary Clinton's campaign as mortally wounded.

Obama battles to transcend toxic race row

Democratic front-runner Barack Obama battled to defuse the most serious threat yet to his presidential hopes after incendiary, racially tinged sermons by his former pastor triggered an uproar. The Illinois Senator on Tuesday condemned the sermons while standing by his black spiritual mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

US braces for decisive Super Tuesday vote

Exhausted White House hopefuls launched one last frenzied day of campaigning before the 24-state Super Tuesday -- the biggest one-day White House nominating contest in history. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are fighting neck-and-neck in the Democratic showdown, while John McCain looked set to take a firm grip on the Republican contest.

US campaign frenzy ahead of Super Tuesday

White House hopefuls have launched a frantic blitz with the stakes enormous heading into ''Super Tuesday'' and the home stretch of the costliest and longest United States election campaign in history. Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were criss-crossing the country over the weekend.

Rice: Iran ‘perhaps single greatest’ security risk to US

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice singled out Iran on Wednesday as ''perhaps the single greatest challenge'' to US security, but stressed that diplomacy was the preferred way to end its nuclear drive. President George Bush last week warned that a nuclear-armed Iran evoked the threat of ''World War III''.

Heat turns up on Wolfowitz

Embattled World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz looked more isolated than ever on Thursday as directors debated his fate amid the rumblings of a civil war among senior staff. The 24 executive directors discussed what action to take over a pay and favouritism scandal that has engulfed the former Pentagon deputy chief.

Avant-garde autos hint at the future

A new electric vehicle, dramatic design cues from staid Asian automakers and space-age innovations sharpened the industry's cutting edge at the 100th annual Detroit motor show. The historic show took bolder strides into the 21st century while keeping an eye on the need to woo hard-to-please car buyers with less futuristic changes.

Husky dogs and pouting models at auto fiesta

From husky dogs on ice to hip-hop violinists, via pouting models and celebrity chefs, the car industry has been true to its attention-grabbing form at the Detroit auto show. The 2007 event marks the 100th year that the fabled "Motor City" is playing host to a celebration of all that is hot, avant-garde and downright weird in the world of automobiles.

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