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Donors move to aid Central African ‘phantom state’

Donors are ramping up aid to the neglected Central African Republic because they fear cross-border conflicts in Darfur and Chad could expand.

LRA rebel threat haunts Central African Republic

Abducted and raped this year by raiding Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels, Henriette and other villagers live in daily fear.

Western DRC violence has killed 68, UN reports say

At least 68 people were killed in a two-week government crackdown against separatists in Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) western Bas-Congo province, according to internal United Nations reports. Starting on February 28, hundreds of soldiers and police battled members of the ethnic-based political and religious movement Bundu dia Kongo.

At least 22 dead as western DRC violence rages

Clashes between separatists and police sent to impose order in the Democratic Republic of Congo's western Bas-Congo flared again on Tuesday, the official death toll rising to 22. Police began battling members of the Bundu dia Kongo movement in the town of Luozi, 200km west of Kinshasa on Friday.

DRC rebels rejoin truce panel after massacre row

Congolese rebels loyal to renegade Tutsi General Laurent Nkunda have said they will return to a ceasefire commission monitoring a rocky January peace deal. The United Nations and Western governments brokered the January deal in the hope of establishing a lasting peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo's turbulent east.

Punish buyers of rebel DRC ore, UN panel says

Buyers of minerals from rebel areas of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) should be punished under a United Nations arms embargo, a group of experts has told the Security Council. A five-year war in the country has left much of DRC's eastern borderlands a volatile patchwork of rebel fiefdoms and militia-controlled zones.

DRC peace deal faces hitch over massacre charges

A month-old peace accord in east Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) faced a fresh hitch on Friday when Tutsi rebels halted participation in a ceasefire commission in protest at United Nations allegations they had massacred civilians. The move announced by renegade Tutsi General Laurent Nkunda posed a potential threat to the January 23 ceasefire.

DRC ceasefire broken as rebels and militia clash

Congolese Tutsi rebels and Mai Mai militia clashed on Monday in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), breaking a ceasefire signed last week aimed at ending a long-running conflict, the two factions said. Tutsi fighters loyal to renegade General Laurent Nkunda and Pareco Mai Mai militia blamed each other for the fighting.

Congo war-driven crisis kills 45 000 a month

War, disease and malnutrition are killing 45 000 Congolese every month in a conflict-driven humanitarian crisis that has claimed 5,4-million victims in nearly a decade, a survey released on Tuesday said. The findings were published on the day the government and eastern rebel and militia factions were due to sign a ceasefire.

DRC rebels rejoin peace conference

Tutsi rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Friday rejoined a peace conference aimed at ending long-running conflict in the east, a day after suspending their participation over security concerns. The rebels' leader, renegade General Laurent Nkunda, told Reuters he was ready if necessary to take part in the meeting.

DRC army attacks rebel base after town falls

The Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) army attacked a stronghold of renegade Tutsi general Laurent Nkunda on Monday, a day after his men seized a strategic town from the government and forced out thousands of civilians, United Nations officials said.

UN to help DRC disarm dissidents by force

United Nations peacekeepers will help the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) army disarm eastern dissident groups by force in violence-plagued North Kivu province, UN and Congolese commanders said. Army soldiers and fighters loyal to renegade Tutsi general Laurent Nkunda clashed again on Thursday a few kilometres from Rutshuru.

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