John Davenport

‘Cannon meat’: The men of combat age stuck in Ukraine

If you’re a male citizen of combat age, attempting to cross the border is fraught with danger.

A morning in Ukraine: Ruined apartment blocks, rubble in the streets

The invasion of Ukraine will destroy any idea that Russia is liberating Ukraine, or that Ukrainians are in the grip of a criminal dictatorship.

Ukrainian refugees cross the Tisza River to seek sanctuary in Romania

The town of Solotvyno, just across the border from Romania, is almost deserted and strangers are interrogated about possibly being Russian Army ‘forward scouts’

Will Moldova be next to fall to Putin’s imperial ambitions?

Occupying the pro-Western Republic of Moldova would give Russia control over the entire north coast of the Black Sea

Impressions on my way to the Ukranian border

A South African writer shares insights along his journey as he tries to to enter Ukraine

Prince Andrew’s settlement is all about the PR and nothing else

A lengthy trial in which Andrew would have spent huge amounts of time on the stand has been avoided, albeit at gigantic financial cost.

The devil is going down to Georgia

But it might be best for everyone, Democrats included, if they lost the senate elections

Trump unlikely to settle for golf

A narrow victory will mean that the election results won’t be settled anytime soon

The bloody battle to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Neither side will hesitate for a second to do anything to win

A quick trek to ancient Egypt during lockdown

Well, the pharaonic Voortrekker Monument to be precise for John Davenport

We all want ‘normal’ back, but we need to hang on a little longer

We’re a socially inclined species, meaning it’s tough to say at home and forego interaction with friends. But this is the one of the best things we can do to prevent the further spread of Covid-19

We sacrifice for Covid, so we can fight global warming

We just have to ask ourselves if we are as willing to sacrifice to save our grandchildren as we have shown ourselves to be when it came to trying to save older people, the sick and the poor from Covid-19

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