John Davenport

Sovereign wealth fund would put graft over the top

Although the idea of a sovereign wealth fund to develop our country is a nice one in principle, it may not be the best idea we have had.

Why is a second Brexit referendum undemocratic?

The British were sold a defective Boris washing machine so they should be allowed to return it

What Ramaphosa can learn from Trump

Cyril Ramaphosa can learn how electoral success can be achieved in the 2019 elections, when it comes to Donald Trump's personality politics

SA would do well to follow the German education model

Today, on leaving school, more than 50% of Germans enter dual vocational education and training programmes as they make their way into the job market

State capture should be seen as an act of treason

The perpetrators had no noble cause and their actions almost brought the country down

The US-Saudi romance is ’70s Iran remixed

Middle Eastern arms customer and oil supplier dictates US foreign policy. Sounds familiar?

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