John G Clarke

Story of a whistleblower: ‘Baba, do you think you are about to die?

Whistleblower Thabiso Zulu can’t explain his situation to his son, but continues to expose wrongdoing and show solidarity with others

Action can dignify this tribute to Babita Deokaran, and whistleblowers everywhere

The president himself should halt the national malady of covering up corruption, whose origins can be traced to a key moment for the ANC in 1996

E-tolls: From good concept to embarrassing disaster

E-tolling was supposed to be the definitive incarnation of the user pay principle. Yet, now Sanral faces masses of users who won’t pay, on principle.

How I spooked Sanral, and exposed chimney envy at Nkandla

Two front page stories in two different papers, in two days on two different issues - quoting me. Not a bad start to the year, writes John GI Clarke.

History is on the side of the amaMpondo

It is a pity that most commentators seemed not to see the political and historical significance of King Sigcau’s victory over the president.

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