John Naughton

25 things about the web on its 25th birthday

It sprang from the brain of one man, Tim Berners-Lee, and is the fastest-growing communication medium of all time.

Facebook and Google spread ‘their’ net

New mobile users from poor countries will end up thinking 'web' and 'internet' are just other words for Facebook and Google.

Why the disenchantment with Twitter?

The social networking service has been accused of flouting its own code of conduct, but most of the criticism seems unfair, writes John Naughton.

How Microsoft is looking beyond an app-centric world

Microsoft may have stolen a march on its smartphone rivals by putting social connectivity at the heart of the user experience.

How the Flame virus changed everything for security firms

The Flame virus went undetected for two years by every online security firm. Now they need to find a new way to protect the world's PCs from malware.

Stuxnet: The worm that turned Obama into a hypocrite?

The president who made a stirring declaration about internet freedom authorised a wave of cyber-attacks on Iran.

Cloud computing: The lowdown

Much of our computing (including the storage of our personal data) is now being done remotely via something called the "cloud".

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