Stuart Dredge

Apple fights court order to hack shooter’s phone

In a letter published on its website, the company has called for public debate, adding that complying with the order would make their users less safe.

Psychologist RATs on hackers

“We know a lot about real-world criminology. We don’t know anything about cyber juvenile delinquency.”

Diversity calls for change in app-titudes

App and game developers are slowly getting their heads around the fact that there's more to girls than pink and princesses.

YouTube sees its future driven by small screens

YouTube was, for the first half of its history, a service for watching online videos on your computer. What's in store for the next 10 years?

What apps ?are passing ?on about you

The phrase “If you’re not paying you’re the product” may be familiar in tech circles but is still sinking in for many users of free apps.

Angry Birds team hatches weekly cartoon scheme

The company producing an <i>Angry Birds</i> cartoon series says it has a year's worth of weekly episodes lined up ... but a movie will have to wait.

The top 50 Android phone apps

We pick the best of its 450 000 apps, for music fans, children, gamers, shoppers ... There's even an antidote for app addiction.

Cloud computing: The lowdown

Much of our computing (including the storage of our personal data) is now being done remotely via something called the "cloud".

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