Jonathan Steele

Syrian rebels accused of village massacre

Syrian soldiers say gruesome footage of Alawite victims is too distressing to air.

Egypt coup the antithesis of freedom

Though Mohamed Morsi's charge sheet is long, the army's rejection of democratic elections is a step too far.

Nuclear threats get (some) countries sent to naughty corner

By coincidence, two clashes over nuclear issues are hitting the headlines together.

Ten myths about Afghanistan

In 1988, the Soviet army left Afghanistan after a campaign by the Western-backed mujahideen. Since then, many myths have grown up about the country.

“The battle’s almost over, the war is far from won”

Now that the military battle for Libya is all but over, the challenges are enormous.

Ceasefire and talks Libya’s best option

Nato's hawks have done a crucial about-turn on Gaddafi's future and Ramadan provides the perfect opportunity to press for a settlement.

Time for Thailand to embrace democracy

Bloody protests open debate over a more equitable system of government.

Why 2010 could be an own goal for SA

The ANC is failing poor black South Africans, and next year's World Cup will only intensify scrutiny of Jacob Zuma's regime.

Stop abuse of Tamils

In the aftermath of the Sri Lankan government's decisive military victory over the Tamil Tigers there is the danger of not winning the peace.

Firm line needed on Israel

What Barack Obama should tell Binyamin Netanyahu in their imminent meeting.

‘And then they came for me’

It's being called ''the voice from the grave'', a remarkable article by a Sri Lankan journalists that was published days after he was murdered.

An end to the Russian chill

Despite recent US policy, Europe's security is best served by finding shared ground with Moscow.

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