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Jos Dirkx works from Global . MD . Founder award-winning @GirlsFootballSA @TedX speaker @WomenDeliver Leader. World traveler, 94 countries and counting. Jos Dirkx has over 1226 followers on Twitter.

Gender-based violence: Three dead bodies, zero safe space

Violence against women has become so normalised that it has taken centuries of abuse topped by three tragedies for us to speak out, writes Jos Dirkx.

There are many ways in which women can win

Let's not patronise women with public holidays, holidays and meaningless events. Rather give women the space and opportunity to inspire each other.

Press Releases

Dr Sumy Thomas: Deciphering the human puzzle, from the inside out

The Discovery Foundation MGH Fellowship Award recipient for 2020 will focus on internal medicine, particularly the endocrine system of patients affected by HIV

Touching lives through innovation

Africa has a high youth population that adapts to technology quickly, and this phenomenon is something which should be taken advantage of

Festive Reading

In The Whistleblowers, Mandy Wiener talks to a wide range of the people who have revealed corruption and malfeasance in government and business

Centre for Women & Gender Studies

The CWGS aims to resuscitate the histories of African women from all walks of life in an intellectual cleansing/ukuhlambulula of her story

Greening the Future

The awards are a way of encouraging progress and celebrating those who wake up every day and work to make this country a better more sustainable place

Failing to learn the lessons? The impact of Covid-19 on a Broken and Unequal Education System

If the president was serious about fixing basic education, he would appoint his most competent minister with a powerful mandate to start fixing it

National Science and Technology Forum

It's an independent SETI platform, an essential element of an active democracy and an important part of the collaboration process needed in SETI

Milestones over the NSTF’s 25-year history

The organisation celebrates its Silver Jubilee as an established player in the NSI and as promoter and influencer of SET and innovation in South Africa