Julia Kollewe

Edging closer to a cure for Alzheimer’s

Scientists from various laboratories are racing to what will be a very profitable finishing line.

Bitter experience bred a special kind of housewife

In the sleepy, picturesque towns and villages of southwest Germany, the paragons of thrift are doing what they do best.

Slimmer BP is looking more digestible

BP has sold its Californian oil refinery to United States firm Tesoro as part of a $38-billion selling spree following the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

Patent trolls feed off innovators

'Non-practising entities' in hog-hunting land use intellectual property loopholes to prey on firms.

Britain’s growth is ‘meager and pathetic’

A slow-down in Britain's growth in the second quarter means that the economy is weaker than was thought and has no chance of meeting its growth target

Sharp fall raises fears over UK manufacturing

The recovery in British manufacturing has stumbled, with factory orders falling at the sharpest rate since April and optimism reaching a 14-month low.

$10-billion later, BP plugs the oil leak

BP's bill for containing and cleaning up the oil spill has reached nearly $10-billion.

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