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Julian Borger

Huge protest against Bush on eve of party meeting

Hundreds of thousands of protesters calling for United States President George Bush to be removed descended on to the streets of Manhattan on Sunday, on the eve of the Republican party convention. But as the demonstrators marched, Republican delegates arrived in town hoping to open a significant lead over the Democratic challenger, John Kerry, for the first time this year.

Enter the twins

There comes a time in many United States presidential elections when things begin to get really tough. And then there is only one thing for it -- the candidates bring out their children. Democrats John Kerry and John Edwards can fill whole podiums with their offspring. Now, the White House has struck back with a double whammy -- the Bush twins.

Uprising in Iraq could derail Bush

President George Bush was on Tuesday struggling to prevent the escalating violence in Iraq from engulfing his re-election campaign, after his worst political week this year triggered bipartisan calls for a rethink of United States strategy there.
  • US forces battle guerrillas in Iraq
  • Bush ‘could have stopped 9/11’

    If the Bush White House had heeded warnings in early 2001 about the threat from al-Qaeda, at least two of the September 11 hijackers would ''probably have been caught'' and ''there was a chance'' the attacks could have been prevented, the president's former top counter-terrorism adviser told The Guardian newspaper last week.

    Call for international force in Haiti

    France has called for an ''immediate'' international civilian force to restore order in Haiti and help stem the poverty-stricken Caribbean state's slide into chaos. ''This force would be charged with assuring the restoration of public order and support actions in the field of the international community,'' said Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin.

    Dean turns kingmaker

    Howard Dean on Wednesday ended his attempt to build a presidential campaign on anti-war sentiment and reformist zeal, but signalled his intention to become an independent power broker in the Democratic Party at the head of a grassroots organisation.

    US moves to high terror alert

    The Bush administration on Sunday put the United States on a high state alert, saying it had picked up credible intelligence of a possible terrorist attack ''that could either rival or exceed'' September 11. The homeland security secretary, Tom Ridge, did not give details of the expected nature of a potential attack, but mentioned ''significant concern'' that aircraft could be used again.

    US troops to get a dose of culture

    Out of a record -billion, there is something in next year's Pentagon budget for everyone, even William Shakespeare. With the help of United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld the Bard will get a million. That is the sum set aside for a new scheme to bring Shakespeare to US military bases for the first time.

    Bush administration split revealed

    The United States Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, revealed the depth of the fissures within the Bush administration this week with a remarkably bad-tempered interview in which he claimed not to have been told about an important overhaul of policymaking on Iraq.

    Clean air could go for a loop(hole)

    The Bush administration plans to open a huge loophole in the United States's air pollution laws, allowing an estimated 17 000 outdated power stations and factories to increase their carbon emissions with impunity.

    Saddam ‘ordered chemical attack’

    The former UN inspector hired by the Bush administration to find evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction will claim in a report next month that Iraqi forces were ordered to fire chemical shells at invading coalition troops.

    In the running

    He thinks his country should not have invaded Iraq, he wants Bush's tax cuts reversed. Political suicide or the leader of the race for the Democratic nomination? Could he be the man to kick Bush out of the White House?

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