Kagure Mugo

The paradoxes of polyamory

Polygamy is for men seeking mini empires. Polyamory requires talk and thoughtfulness

Skin to skin: Stealthing is rape

Slipping a condom off during sex without partner's consent is disrespectful and dangerous

Sexual obesity in the tech age

Tinder is to sex what microwaves are to food prep: quick and easy, with a touch of danger

​That awkward but vital sex chat with your kids

Parents and their offspring find it hard to talk openly about sex, but they should.

Show full spectrum of LGBTI rainbow

Greater efforts need to be made to reflect all experiences of the LGBTI community.

Cheating Mrs Penguin is no different to women who cheat

The internet treated it like the next Brangelina breakup.

The intricacies of sex without a penis tend to baffle a great number of people

There is much more to enjoying fulfilling and safe sex than just Pornhub mechanics.

The acquittal of Zuma did not just endanger Khwezi’s life, but ours as well

The condonation of rape at the highest level of government brings all women's lives under attack.

He’s ‘a good guy’ – and other excuses we make for abusers

Many are in denial when a family member or friend is an abuser, perpetuating victim-blaming, writes Kagure Mugo.

Don’t dismiss sex toys out of hand

Once filled with socks and linen, our drawers are giving pride of place to interesting devices, writes Kagure Mugo.

Is it anti-woman to slut-shame the woman a man cheats with?

Beyoncé puts flaws of infidelity 'on blast': Kagure Mugo discusses the age-old tradition of slut-shaming, highlighted recently in Lemonade

Pull the plug on tampon taxes

Women should not be paying the state for the privilege of having their periods as if they were an indulgent luxury.

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