Kagure Mugo

Men can’t manage polygamy

Having one household is not a cultural or moral issue – it is just good business sense

The monsters in the machine

We’re subjected to enough horrors online – a rape simulator can't simply go unchallenged

‘Maiden’ grants won’t stem HIV

Ordering women to stay virgins and not wear minis is akin to saying sex is a solo act

#NotAllMen rape, but a rotten apple spoils the barrel

It may be true that #NotAllMen rape, but enough do to make it a statistic.

Stop shafting the ‘side chick’

As the tawdry Malusi Gigaba saga shows, the mistress usually bears the brunt of public ire.

When comrades rape comrades

'Solidarity' too often masks a culture of sexual coercion and assault by male activists.

Pleasure is no man’s prerogative

Is the right to safe and enjoyable sex less important than other women's rights?

When #abuse starts trending

With the potential for retribution and exposure comes an increased potential for retraumatising the victim.

Tickle your fancy and enjoy it

Women's pleasure is a taboo topic, but only when they know their bodies are they satisfied.

Be a man: Use birth control

When it comes to family planning and birth control, the burden most often falls on women.

Women need to talk about it

And they should be able to do so without being thought of as sex fiends or nymphomaniacs.

Listen up, Africa: We need to stick together in the global village

We are each other's last hope because, frankly, the world out there does not love us.

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