Kagure Mugo

Explode, but only if you feel it

Faking it with your partner or your one-night stand is a disservice to society. We have to move society forward through innovation and feedback.

Jesus helps, but we must dispel the stigma of mental health

Telling people that they must keep going is as helpful as "put some Dettol and cotton wool on that gunshot wound - it will heal right up".

Why is it an insult to be a woman?

Phrases like "Where are your tampons?" and "Are your balls in her purse?" are bandied about ... in polite conversation.

Beware of bigotry veiled as satire

'Charlie' represents a hierarchy of Western ideals to which not everyone subscribes.

Let’s talk about sex – in public

To speak about sex in any form is taboo – unless it's by those who make billions off it. This has plunged people into silence and vulnerability.

You’re from Kenya. Got Ebola?

Hysteria has spread faster than the disease ever could, infecting prejudices everywhere.

The witches make men do it

It's not fair that Senzo Meyiwa's mistress has to carry the blame for his cheating ways.

Invite his penis in? Seriously?

Women's magazines teach us how to have bad sex because it pays to keep us on our knees.

Is it OK for art to imitate life?

The professional and the personal are inseparable in the case of Wits 'sex pest' Tsepo wa Mamatu, writes Kagure Mugo.

My vagina can lift weights

Women are extraordinary – just see what they are capable of doing, despite the odds.

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