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Kathleen Chaykowski

Bunking teachers fail learners

Two-country study reveals shocking levels of absenteeism -- condoned by some unions.

Lifting the veil on migrants and myths

New research on education rights of refugees and immigrants reveals widespread violations.

Art provides a new way of living

Women from many different backgrounds have found a way to rebuild their broken lives by making art.

Right 2 Know calls to scrap secrecy Bill

The Right 2 Know campaign says the Protection of Information Bill remains a threat to freedom and transparency, and should be scrapped and redrafted.

Home affairs shrugs off ‘fatal’ stampede

Two migrants were allegedly killed and several injured at a refugee centre in Pretoria earlier this week during a stampede, according to witnesses.

Smooth sailing as home affairs beats Zim permits deadline

The home affairs department announced the Zimbabwean Documentation Project deadline was successful and that no deportations would take place yet.

Zimbabweans brace for deportation

Home affairs's implicit extension on permit processing to August fails to allay fears of expulsion.

Refugees face corruption and long queues in a bid for permits

Desperation is mounting for undocumented Zimbabweans waiting for permits needed ahead of the July 31 deadline.

SA cellphones easy targets for hackers

In the wake of the <i>News of the World</i> phone-hacking scandal, it has emerged that voice-mail services in SA are easy prey for eavesdroppers.

Time could run out for asylum-seekers

The amount of time asylum seekers have to apply for refugee status after entering South Africa could be reduced from 14 days to five.

Are the inmates in charge of asylum?

Proposed amendments to asylum application processes are unworkable -- unfair to refugees and over-burdened reception centres alike, activists argue.

Avoiding the X word — Jo’burg responds to refugees

Johannesburg has long been a destination for migrants and refugees from around Africa and the world, but is only now examining its migration policies.

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