Kerry Sheridan

NASA rings in New Year with historic flyby of faraway world

The spaceship was to collect 900 images over the course of a few seconds as it shaved by. Even clearer images should arrive over the next three days

Nasa spacecraft hurtles toward historic New Year’s flyby

Scientists figured out in 2017 that Ultima Thule is not spherical but possibly elongated in shape. It may even be two objects

Mars InSight spacecraft lands on Red Planet

Mars Insight's goal is to listen for quakes and tremors as a way to unveil the Red Planet's inner mysteries

Astrophysicists bicker over extraterrestrial drive-by

​A scientific paper made a splash this week by claiming that a cigar-shaped rock zooming through our solar system may have been sent by aliens

Scientists push back against Harvard ‘alien spacecraft’ theory

Oumuamua, the first interstellar object known to enter our solar system, accelerated faster away from the Sun than expected

NASA launches historic probe to ‘touch sun’

The unmanned spacecraft's mission is to get closer than any human-made object ever to the centre of our solar system

First lake of liquid water is discovered on Mars

It is the largest body of liquid water ever found on the Red Planet

Property crisis looms due to sea level rise, experts warn

Many will risk losing their largest financial asset — their homes. And municipalities will forfeit huge amounts of revenue from property taxes

World’s biggest rocket soars toward Mars after perfect launch

​The world's most powerful rocket, SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, blasted off Tuesday on its highly anticipated maiden test flight

Hurricanes, heat waves, fires ravaged planet in 2017

California is currently battling its third largest wildfire since 1932, and such devastation could be the "new normal."

Global warming reduces protein in key crops: study

Without protein, growth is stunted, diseases are more common and early mortality is far more likely.

US health authorities confirm Zika causes birth defects

Scientists have confirmed that the virus causes microcephaly.

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