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Lamine Chikhi

The winds of change blow in Algeria

When Moncef Marzouki, a dissident transformed into Tunisia's president, paid a visit to Algeria, Tunisian flags flew from lamp posts in his honour.

Algerian Islamist leader warns govt to keep polls above board

An Islamist opposition party leader says Algeria's government will ignite unrest if it tries to rig elections in May to keep its grip on power.

Time to sit down with Gaddafi, France tells rebels

France's defence minister said it was time for Libya's rebels to negotiate with Muammar Gaddafi's government.

US dismisses Gaddafi threat to attack Europe

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stepped up Western calls on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to quit, brushing off his threat to attack Europeans.

Algeria teachers take demands to president’s doorstep

For nearly two weeks Algerian schoolteacher Hamou Benhamou has spent his days protesting outside the presidential administration.

Algeria’s Bouteflika wins third term as president

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika won 90,24% of the vote in a presidential election, cementing his hold on the oil producer.

Imports, red tape stifle Algeria diversification

High oil prices mean Algeria's economy is still growing. But the factory where Fertas Salah works shows how attempts to diversify are stuttering.

War-scarred Algeria town still waiting for work

Dellys should be a tourist hotspot, yet it is isolated as it tries to recover from a brutal civil conflict that engulfed the country in the 1990s.

Algeria car bomb on police post kills two

A car-bomb attack on a police station killed two people and wounded 23 in a town east of Algiers on Tuesday, the second such bombing in the Opec member in a month. Some residents said the blast in Thenia appeared to be a suicide attack, the tactic used in a twin bombing in the capital on December 11.

Al-Qaeda claims Algeria attacks

Al-Qaeda's north Africa wing said it was behind two suicide attacks that killed at least 57 people in Algeria in the past two days, according to a statement posted on the internet on Saturday. It said the al-Qaeda Organisation in the Islamic Maghreb was behind Saturday's suicide truck bombing at a coast guard barracks east of Algiers and an attack in the town of Batna less than 48 hours earlier.

Suicide bomb kills eight in Algeria

A suicide bomber detonated explosives at an Algerian military barracks on Wednesday, killing himself and about eight other people in the restive Kabylie region east of Algiers, residents said. The blast 120km east of the capital was one of the worst rebel attacks in months.

Twin bombings in Algiers kill 30

Bombs killed 30 people in Algiers on Wednesday in the first such attacks in Algeria's capital in years, raising fears of a return to the North African oil exporter's recent history of political bloodletting. One of the blasts ripped part of the facade off the prime minister's headquarters at the centre of the port city.

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