Laura Bonilla

El Chapo’s US trial set for opening statements

The 61-year-old is considered the world's largest drug trafficker since the death of Colombia's Pablo Escobar

First convicted FIFA bigwig awaits US sentencing

Jose Maria Marin was one of the FIFA executives arrested in May 2015 at a luxury hotel in Zurich in a raid requested by the United States

Brazil calls emergency Cabinet meeting amid protests

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff has called an emergency Cabinet meeting after at least a million people took to the streets in protest.

Immigration, tourism collide in Canaries

Immigration and mass tourism are coexisting rather awkwardly in Spain's Canary Islands, where more than 24 000 African migrants have arrived this year. Over the summer, a moving picture emerged of sunbathers rushing to aid exhausted Africans and offer them succour as they dragged themselves onto the beach after a perilous voyage lasting days in rickety fishing boats.

Latinos flex political muscle, but can they deliver votes?

Mass protests demanding legalisation of undocumented migrants has bolstered United States Latinos, but it is too early to know if they can muster voters in upcoming elections. The giant pro-immigrant rallies across the United States have been led by members of the 40-million strong Hispanic community, the country's largest ethnic minority.

Cuban ‘bomber’ puts Bush on the spot

The arrest of accused airline bomber Luis Posada Carriles in Florida poses a thorny problem for United States President George Bush, who has vowed to battle terrorism anywhere, analysts said. Federal agents arrested Posada Carriles (77) on Tuesday two hours after he held a secret press conference with selected reporters.

Bush, Kerry battle for Hispanic vote

Hispanic voters are hot commodities this year, as President George Bush and Democrat John Kerry fight to win their support in what is expected to be an extremely close presidential election on November 2. There are more than seven million Hispanic voters in the United States, and their ballots could be decisive in five swing states where they make up a large chunk of the population.

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