Laurence Benhamou

Brigitte Macron targeted by transphobic fake news

For several months, messages have multiplied on social networks claiming that Brigitte Macron, born as Brigitte Trogneux, is a transgender woman whose first name at birth was Jean-Michel.

Macron backs Merkel in political battle on immigration

France's Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday jumped to the aid of his core European partner, German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Internet telephony pioneers stumble

In spite of its global popularity, internet telephony (voice-over-internet protocol, or VoIP), which is almost free for users, has not become a gold mine for its pioneers such as Skype and Vonage. Popular online auction firm eBay, which bought Skype two years ago for ,6-billion, affirmed that message in a costly way on Monday.

Facebook profiles go public in directory attempt

Social networking site Facebook, which signs up more than a million new fans every month, has changed tack and begun to list publicly members' profiles on search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. It is, in fact, aiming to get in early in the race to build a global -- and potentially lucrative -- online people directory.

Google: From student project to search giant

Born 10 years ago, the Google internet search engine has grown into the electronic centre of human knowledge by indexing billions of web pages as well as images, books and videos. On September 15 1997, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two 24-year-old Stanford University students, registered the domain name of ''''.

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