Leizl Eykelhof

O, Canada! Art bears witness to ‘dark secrets’ of colonised places

An installation and a documentary about the notorious residential school system amplify calls to define such deaths worldwide as genocide

Local story ticks the right boxes

A partnership between the National Film and Video Foundation and Netflix will see six South African films being premiered on the streaming service

Why words matter

When the M&G apologised for using the word ‘paralysed’ metaphorically in a newspaper headline, some Twitter users responded with allegations of ‘wokeness gone mad’. But as cultural practices evolve, it doesn’t hurt to try to be kind first

Humankind’s search for meaning during Covid

According to Google, the top trending “how to help” searches were: how to help Australia fires, how to help Black Lives Matter, how to help during coronavirus and how to help Beirut

Work and school from home is a complete F**kApp!

The problem with high-tech is that there is just way too much to choose from

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