Leo Benedictus

Singapore rules to chew on

Singapore is kept beautifully clean by strict laws, contravention of which can lead to corporal punishment.

Qatar: 12 things you need to know

The country has a new emir, a small population and a lot 
of money to burn.

Falklanders vow to out the three who voted ‘no’ to UK

The flags are waving, the result is clear and a drizzly little archipelago with just 2841 people on it has made world news.

Paralympics: Innovations that win medals

How much difference does equipment design make to Paralympians? Leo Benedictus looks at the innovations that enable athletes to reach gold.

Brits falling out of love with drugs

The number of young people taking drugs has fallen by 30% in 15 years. Is the drop down to quality, bad celebrity PR or price?

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