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World Bank: Developing world may need $700-billion

Developing countries could face a financing gap of -billion to -billion this year as trade income dwindles and rich nations vie for capital.

IMF, World Bank to visit Zim next week

A high-level IMF mission will visit Zimbabwe next week after a two-year break to assess the country's dire economic situation.

World Bank: Developing economies to slow sharply

The financial crisis is set to sharply slow growth in emerging and developing economies next year, ending a five-year global commodity price boom.

IMF approves new fund for emerging markets

The IMF has approved a short-term financing facility for emerging-market economies that have a good economic track record.

Probe clears IMF chief Strauss-Kahn in affair

The International Monetary Fund's board on Saturday cleared managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn of harassment, favoritism and abuse of power.

In bleak forecast, IMF sees major global downturn

In its bleakest forecast in years, the International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday the world economy was set for a major downturn.

Financial crisis casts cloud over UN poverty meeting

Heads of state, private-sector leaders and development agencies will this week assess the global fight against poverty.

Donor meeting to review making aid effective

With more than bn in aid flowing into poor countries every year, donor talks in Ghana this weekend will focus on how to make aid more effective.

World Bank sees change in China’s African role

China took part for the first time recently in World Bank meetings on the needs of some of Africa's poorest countries in what the Bank sees as an important shift in Beijing's role. China has a growing presence in Africa and has spent billions of dollars to secure raw materials to fuel galloping Chinese economic growth.

World Bank launches new Aids strategy for Africa

Overtaken as the largest funder of global HIV/Aids programmes, the World Bank is now focusing on easing the economic damage inflicted by the syndrome in Africa and finding ways of controlling its spread through better prevention, care and treatment. Global funding for HIV/Aids reached -billion in 2007 compared to ,6-billion available in 2001.

Zoellick confirmed as new World Bank president

The World Bank on Monday unanimously approved Robert Zoellick as its president after a controversial two-year term by Paul Wolfowitz, who agreed to resign over a promotion scandal involving his companion. Zoellick, former United States deputy secretary of state and trade representative, was the only nominee for the job.

US has tough task to heal rift over Wolfowitz

A day after Paul Wolfowitz resigned as World Bank president under an ethics cloud, the United States faced the tough task of healing rifts with Europeans and satisfying calls that his successor be picked on merit, not just nationality. Wolfowitz's resignation on Thursday followed pressure by European opponents.

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