Lev David

Materialist at heart

It's easy to dislike Christmas when you were born a cynical old man. As a child, as if in training to become a columnist, I hated everything.

New Master, new voice

Led David: Pay-TV -- be it terrestrial or satellite -- is to me now what it was to my parents. Excessive. Exclusive. Bourgeois.

Names are just so problematic

Personality politics is so painful to watch when politicians assume their personalities are anything other than unbearable.

Of puritans and Palin’s underthings

Lev David: This one's about why I think Sarah Palin deserves a place on the world stage, no matter the result of the United States Presidential Race.

Okay, now I’m panicking

That word recession. We don't want to hear it. Hairlines recede. Gumlines recede. We don't recede. Not in the 21st century.

On not panicking

Lev David: I'm not panicking. We're fine for now. And, just in case, we're stocking up on tinned food, the way we did in '94.

Hairy encounters of the sexual kind, on video

Lev David on alleged rugby sex tape: There have been a great many adulterers through history who had other things to recommend them.

The patriot’s act

Lev David: To effectively celebrate what it means to be American, one has to sidestep the possibility that there are several definitions for that.

A woman’s place

We've all met unkind women and there is such a thing as a bad mother. The propaganda, however, wants us to believe differently.

A charter to live by … or not

People who talk about ''values'' are boring people and talking about values achieves nothing.

That man, that smile, that dance

That statue. It's an awful thing. With its tiny little head. Frozen with that smile. Frozen in that dance.

My daily diet of dog biscuits

Twenty-four-hour news channels are like soap operas, every time you tune in, the characters are in a holding pattern, awaiting something dramatic.

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