Lim Chang-Won

North Korea announces Kim Jong-un’s marriage

North Korean state media has confirmed that its new leader Kim Jong-un is married and named his wife as Ri Sol-ju.

S Korea rejects North’s proposal for talks

North Korea on Monday proposed dialogue with South Korea, less than two months after launching a deadly bombardment of a border island.

South Korea eyes bigger slice of medical-tourism market

It built its economy on ships, steel and semi-conductors, but now South Korea is pushing a new growth engine.

Asia celebrates historic Major win

Asia celebrated on Monday after unheralded Yang Yong-Eun stunned Tiger Woods to become the region's first major-winner.

N Korea test-fires missiles amid nuclear stand-off

North Korea on Thursday test-fired three short-range missiles, fuelling tension sparked by its nuclear stand-off with the UN.

North Korean refugees struggle to survive in new world

Dozens of women chat cheerfully in their classroom during a recess period. It could be any classroom except for the tight security outside.

South Korea aims to boost medical tourism

After building its economy on semiconductors, ships and steel, South Korea is touting its surgeons' skills in the beauty business to carve out a new niche. Helped by active government support, a boom in cosmetic surgery and a pool of experienced surgeons, the country wants to surpass Singapore, Thailand and India to become Asia's new medical-tourism hub.

Samsung chief steps down after indictment

South Korea's most powerful businessman announced on Tuesday he is stepping down after 20 years at the helm of the Samsung group, following his indictment for tax evasion and breach of trust. A sombre Lee Kun-hee made the shock announcement at a press conference called to announce reforms to the scandal-tainted group.

N Korea nuclear talks stalled amid disputes

International efforts to put an end to North Korea's nuclear programme appeared to hit a snag on Saturday after Pyongyang defiantly insisted it had lived up to its end of a six-party disarmament deal. North Korea agreed last February to give up its nuclear-weapons programmes in return for one million tonnes of fuel oil or equivalent energy aid.

North and South Korea start talks amid tension

North and South Korea launched a new round of reconciliation talks on Tuesday, calling for successful negotiations despite tensions over delays in Seoul's rice aid and Pyongyang's nuclear disarmament. ''Let's move forward like a train, never retreating,'' said the South's Unification Minister, Lee Jae-joung.

South Korean attempts suicide in anti-Japan spat

A South Korean protester attempted ritual suicide on Wednesday amid rising anger over Japan's decision to launch an ocean survey in disputed waters between the two countries. Defying South Korean warnings, Tokyo dispatched two ships to the area claimed by both countries, renewing a feud tied to colonial history that has festered for decades.

North Korea plans to turn into software superpower

North Korea unveiled a new economic blueprint this week that sets the impoverished Stalinist state the target of becoming a high-technology powerhouse within two decades. Military spending remains the biggest budget item and a top priority for North Korea, one of the world's poorest countries that fields the fifth biggest army.

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