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China warns of ‘life and death’ battle against terror

The leader of China's restive region of Xinjiang has warned of a ''life and death struggle'' against terrorism, following a series of attacks.

Haze hovers over Beijing ahead of Games

Haze settled over Beijing on Wednesday, two days before the start of the Olympic Games that have been beset by worries over pollution

China tightens noose on earthquake coverage

China's unprecedented openness following last month's earthquake is proving short-lived, as soldiers begin to cut off sensitive areas and as local media face growing reporting restrictions.

China launches massive reconstruction drive

China, facing emergencies ranging from swollen lakes to rehousing millions after last month's devastating earthquake, is looking to the future.

China quake parents hold vigil beside school ruins

Parents, grieving and angry at the deaths of their children under a collapsed school, kept a poignant vigil at the ruins of the building on Tuesday, demanding that those responsible be brought to justice. In the tiny farming town of Wufu, nearly every building withstood the May 12 earthquake -- except the three-storey Fuxin Number Two Primary School.

‘Confident’ China rules out post-quake epidemics

Chinese medical teams have fanned out across the earthquake zone, disinfecting makeshift camps and educating survivors, and on Monday the Health Ministry said it could guarantee there would be no epidemics. Where bodies could not be cremated, they had been been buried deep underground and far from water sources to prevent contamination

China quake-lake fears ease as angry parents grieve

Engineers have completed work to drain a lake formed by last month's earthquake that had threatened to inundate towns downstream and add to the toll of China's deadliest natural disaster in more than 30 years. Authorities have evacuated 197 000 people from areas at risk of flooding and drawn up contingency plans.

China quake kills more than 100, buries 900

A powerful earthquake in south-west China killed at least 107 people on Monday and buried 900 teenagers in a collapsed school as the tremor caused buildings to fall and left whole areas cut off. The death toll was expected to rise sharply as authorities and rescue teams make contact with the worst-hit areas of Sichuan province.

China quake kills five children, injures over 100

Five children were killed and more than 100 injured in a 7,8 magnitude earthquake that struck China's Sichuan province on Monday, causing buildings to sway and residents rushing out into the streets. China's official Xinhua news agency said the deaths occurred when two primary schools toppled in Liangping county of Chongqing, a municipality of 30-million that neighbours Sichuan.

China: Up to 5 000 killed in earthquake

A powerful earthquake on Monday in south-west China has killed up to 5 000 people and left as many as 10 000 injured, state media said, as hundreds of children remained trapped in at least eight collapsed schools. An estimated 3 000 to 5 000 people were killed in the Beichuan county of the mountainous Sichuan province alone.

Tibet tensions high as Olympic torch nears Beijing

Further unrest in Tibet's capital appeared to have been sparked by attempts by police to carry out security checks, indicating the tension and volatility remaining in Lhasa weeks after a deadly anti-government riot. It was unclear exactly what occurred in Lhasa on Saturday but a SMS to residents from police said security checks carried out earlier in the day had ''frightened citizens''.

Chinese security forces seal off Tibet capital

Chinese security forces sealed off parts of Lhasa on Saturday and Tibet's government-in-exile said it was investigating reports of fresh protests, weeks after the city was shaken by an anti-government riot. The reports coincided with a visit by a group of diplomats, who were led on a closely guarded tour of the city.

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