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China warns of ‘life and death struggle’

China warned of a ''life and death'' struggle with the Dalai Lama on Wednesday, as it sought to end a wave of protests in its Tibetan regions with arrests and tightened political control. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has accused the Tibetan spiritual leader of masterminding the protests from his base in the Indian town of Dharamsala.

China says rioters trying to wreck Games

China's premier accused Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, of orchestrating riots in which dozens may have died and said his followers were trying to ''incite sabotage'' of Beijing's August Olympic Games. The Dalai Lama called at the weekend for an investigation into what he called cultural genocide in Tibet.

China insists it used restraint in Tibet riots

China insisted on Monday that it had shown massive restraint in the face of violent protests by Tibetans, which it said were orchestrated by followers of the Dalai Lama to wreck Beijing's Olympic Games in August. Exiled representatives of Tibet in Dharamsala, India, on Sunday put the death toll from last week's protests in Lhasa, capital of the Himalayan region of Tibet, at 80.

Chaos in Tibet capital as protests spread

Protesters in Tibet's capital, Lhasa, burnt shops and vehicles and yelled for independence on Friday as the region was hit by its biggest protests for nearly two decades, testing China's grip months before the Olympics. Peaceful street marches by Tibetan Buddhist monks over previous days gave way to bigger scenes of violence and resentment in the remote, mountainous region.

China says defence budget to rise, warns Taiwan

China will raise its heavily scrutinised defence spending by nearly a fifth this year, a top official said on Tuesday, warning self-ruled Taiwan that Beijing would ''tolerate no division''. Jiang Enzhu, spokesperson for China's National People's Congress, or Parliament, stressed that China adhered to a path of peaceful development.

China factor changes rules of Africa aid game

China's rapid rise into an economic powerhouse offering aid and soft loans is changing the aid picture in Africa -- winning China its share of critics but also the gratitude of governments who say its engagement makes a difference. China has pledged to double development assistance to Africa by 2009 and write off another 10-billion yuan (,3-billion) of debt.

Booming Africa still far from poverty goals

Africa is experiencing unprecedented growth, but the continent will have to sustain that expansion for years to come if it is to lift people out of poverty, the African Development Bank chief said on Thursday. Africa is set to grow about 6,5% this year, marking the fifth straight year of above-trend expansion.

Sudan official cautions China on oil investments

A Sudanese central bank official told China on Thursday its oil investments could exacerbate conflicts in Sudan unless it pressed the government to engage local populations and share revenues. China, which buys much of Sudan's oil, has been under fire internationally for doing business with a regime condemned in the West for its actions in Darfur.

Africa Development Bank ‘must reform itself’

The African Development Bank must undertake significant internal reforms to become more responsive to the continent's needs and more effective as a tool for development, the bank's president and governors said on Wednesday in Shanghai at its annual two-day meeting.

Hard work yet to come on North Korea nuclear deal

Chief United States negotiator Christopher Hill cautioned on Wednesday that difficult work remained to implement the breakthrough energy-for-arms agreement with North Korea. The deal, hammered out at six-party talks in Beijing in the shadow of North Korea's first nuclear test last October, requires the secretive state to shutter is Yongbyon reactor within 60 days.

China to invest billions in energy-saving buildings

China will invest 1,5-trillion yuan (-billion) to make existing buildings more energy efficient by 2020 in a bid to save millions of tonnes of polluting coal, an official said on Thursday. Vice-Minister of Construction Qiu Baoxing said 350-million tonnes of coal could be saved in the next 15 years if existing buildings were renovated.

China in Africa: Boon or burden?

As Beijing hosted 48 African leaders for a summit this weekend aimed at deepening trade and political ties, both the best and worst of its engagement were on display: investment that is fuelling the highest growth in decades in parts of Africa, but also its friendship with countries such as Zimbabwe and Sudan.

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