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Chinese lunar new year a subdued affair

China welcomed the Year of the Horse with toned down celebrations as people heeded govt pleas to go easy on firecrackers amid air pollution concerns.

Bo Xilai trial ends, prosecutors demand severe punishment

China's prosecutors demanded a heavy sentence for ousted top politician Bo Xilai at the end of his divisive and dramatic trial on Monday.

China’s Bo denounces former police chief as ‘vile’ liar

Ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai angrily denounced his former police chief on Sunday on the fourth day of his trial.

China’s Bo Xilai denies bribery accusations

Fallen politician Bo Xilai has opposed one of the bribery charges against him as he appeared in China's most political trial in over three decades.

Secrecy reigns as China puts ex-leader’s wife on trial for murder

China has kicked off its most sensitive trial in decades, in which Gu Kailai is expected to be convicted of murdering a British businessman.

Vietnam, US begin Agent Orange clean-up

Vietnam and the United States took the first step towards cleaning up Agent Orange contamination on Friday.

Bangkok calmer as protesters leave Govt House

Anti-government protesters began streaming out of the grounds of Government House in Bangkok on Tuesday, ending a siege of the prime minister's office

In China’s flood zone, life moves at different tempo

When the people of Fengkai were warned that the rivers in their south China town were going to overflow, they knew what to do.

As quake draws focus, China keeps Tibet under thumb

Last month's earthquake diverted world attention from China's troubles in Tibet, but protests and arrests have continued in the region and the leadership has been girding for more trouble. Since the May 12 quake that killed about 70 000 people, more than 80 Buddhist nuns and a dozen monks have been detained.

China buries quake dead as new aftershock hits

China struggled to bury its dead and help tens of thousands of injured and homeless on Friday when a powerful aftershock brought new havoc four days after an earthquake thought to have killed more than 50 000 people. Anger has focused on the state of school buildings, many of which crumpled in Monday's 7,9-magnitude quake.

Chinese security forces seal off Tibet capital

Chinese security forces sealed off parts of Lhasa on Saturday and Tibet's government-in-exile said it was investigating reports of fresh protests, weeks after the city was shaken by an anti-government riot. The reports coincided with a visit by a group of diplomats, who were led on a closely guarded tour of the city.

Lhasa monks accuse Beijing of lying over unrest

Tibetan monks stormed a news briefing at a temple in Lhasa on Thursday, accusing Chinese authorities of lying about recent unrest and saying the Dalai Lama had nothing to do with the violence. The incident was an embarrassment to the Chinese government, which brought a select group of foreign reporters to Lhasa for a stage-managed tour of the city.

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