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China train station attack could drive ethnic wedge deeper

China has emphasised ethnic unity after assailants killed 29 people in a train station, prompting police to round up Muslim Uighurs for questioning.

Chinese lunar new year a subdued affair

China welcomed the Year of the Horse with toned down celebrations as people heeded govt pleas to go easy on firecrackers amid air pollution concerns.

Dennis Rodman back from North Korea, without jailed American

Former US basketball star Dennis Rodman has returned from his second visit to North Korea where he again met the country's leader Kim Jong-un.

China quake death toll climbs

Rescuers have been struggling to reach a remote corner of southwestern China as the toll of the dead and missing climbed to 208.

China’s ‘worst earthquake in three years’: 157 dead

China's worst earthquake in three years has killed at least 157 people and injured more than 5 700, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.

WHO: Latest bird flu cases no cause for panic

A strain of bird flu that has been found in humans for the first time in eastern China is not a cause for panic, says the World Health Organisation.

Escaped Chinese activist seeks refuge in the US

Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng is now under US protection in Beijing after fleeing from house arrest, a US-based rights group said on Saturday.

Sudans put China in a policy bind

When one of your big oil suppliers splits into rival states, that's a problem for any country. When you're China, it's a foreign policy migraine.

China says ‘difficult’ to accept Iran nuclear invite

China said it will be "difficult" for its ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency to tour Iran's nuclear facilities.

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