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Dalai Lama: Hardliners influencing Xi on Tibet autonomy

The Tibetan spiritual leader says Chinese President Xi Jinping was ready to discuss autonomy, but hardliners in the government were preventing this.

Almost 100 killed during attacks in China’s Xinjiang

Militant attacks in China's far western region have led to almost 100 deaths, the government has announced.

China blames Xinjiang militants for deadly attack at train station

At least 33 people were killed after an attack by knife-wielding "terrorists" in the south-western city of Kunming late on Saturday.

Chinese lunar new year a subdued affair

China welcomed the Year of the Horse with toned down celebrations as people heeded govt pleas to go easy on firecrackers amid air pollution concerns.

China: Death toll rises in major earthquake

A strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake has hit southwestern China's Sichuan province, killing at least 56 people and injuring about 600.

China denies promising S Sudan an $8-billion development deal

China has never promised South Sudan $8-billion in development funds after President Salva Kiir visited Beijing in April, a senior diplomat has said.

Call for reform as Xi takes helm in China

China's new president Xi Jinping will be under pressure to tackle growing inequality and pervasive corruption.

China’s space programme launches Shenzhou 10

China's next manned space mission will launch between June and August, carrying three astronauts to an experimental space module, says a report.

US hacking accusations are flawed, says China

Accusations by a US computer company that a secretive Chinese military unit is likely behind a series of hacking attacks are unreliable, says China.

No Lunar New Year celebrations for ‘mourning’ Tibetans

Tibetans in a north-west part of China, which has been the focus of self-immolation protests against Chinese rule, have marked a grieved New Year.

Beijing insists on use of real names on micro blogs

The Beijing city government has said that it will give users of micro blogs three months to register with their real names or face legal consequences.

‘Uighur attacks’ thwarted as Pakistan’s Zardari visits Xinjiang

Attacks apparently planned by Uighur militants to coincide with a visit to the Xinjiang region by Pakistan's president have been thwarted, China says.

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