Lionel Faull

The private plane, the minister and the $1.3-billion scandal

A private plane and a Nigerian minister are at the centre of a $1-billion corruption scandal

Eskom scrapped a tender that would have saved R1-billion

Underhanded lobbying, delaying tactics and internal squabbling scuppered the power utility’s economical and innovative IT plan

The case against Tshelane

Necsa CEO allegedly gave the green light for a generous donation towards ANC birthday celebrations

‘Top secret’ nuclear plan ducks scrutiny

Bureaucrats driving the new build programme seem comfortable skirting transparency and fair value.

Zuma slips into nuclear driver’s seat

A reshuffle, a Motlanthe sidelining and a whirlwind Putin romance have dropped the power into Msholozi's lap.Three crucial recent developments indicate that President Jacob...

Tape implicates Zuma lawyer in ‘farcical’ tender

Bid committee secretary says rot goes 'right to the top'

Disciplinary hearing digs up mine dirt

The disciplinary case against suspended prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach turned into a trial within a trial this week when the hearing honed in on the...

Landmark legislation

The proposed Superior Courts Bill is a landmark piece of legislation that intends to ensure the administrative independence of all SA's courts.

War of the position papers

If size mattered, Cosatu would carry the day. Its well-endowed 120-page economic position paper makes the ANC's 19-pager look miniscule.

Finding a new life with Chiefs

Since the 2010 World Cup ended in a burst of red confetti, I've transferred my allegiances to local football, writes <b>Lionel Faull</b>.

I need a hero

MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Lionel Faull reviews <em>Kick-Ass</em>, about a teenager who becomes a superhero.

Food for thought

MOVIE OF THE WEEK: <i>Lionel Faull</i> reviews <em>The Cove</em>, a documentary about Japan's annual dolphin hunt.

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