Liron Segev

Five tips for online donors to avoid scammers

When disasters strike, we often feel compelled to support fundraising campaigns online. But there are many pitfalls, warns Liron Segev.

Blame Moore’s Law for your obsolete new phone

Thanks to the inexorable progress of chip design, any smartphone built today is "obsolete" tomorrow, as Moore's Law marks its 50th anniversary.

Facebook finally pulls in WhatsApp

Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp has announced a Send button that allows users to send their Facebook statuses and news to WhatsApp users.

Why ‘Big Data’ is wearing thin

SurveyMonkey's CEO unravels realities behind Big Data, and explains the two distinct kinds of data that need to be collected, writes Liron Segev.

The flaw in factory resets

A new service allows users to sell old phones and tablets, but deleting information before selling a device does not wipe your slate clean.

Microsoft will crowdsource Windows 10

It used to be 'build it and they will come'. With Microsoft's new Windows 10, it's now 'let them build it and they will buy it', writes Liron Segev.

Active-Active: It’s no longer down to downtime

The Huawei Cloud Congress presents the Active-Active data centre as a solution to the increasingly memory captive website, writes Liron Segev.

How to spot a fake Samsung Galaxy S4

Fraudsters on the internet are trying to sell fake smartphones to unsuspecting buyers. Liron Segev tells us how to spot a fake Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Fit is a go

Samsung has launched its Galaxy Fit. Liron Segev, who's not too fond of wearable devices, has been impressed with its performance.

Kickstarter is not all good endings, sometimes it’s scams

After backing a successful Kickstarter project, but not seeing the product in development, Liron Segev believes he may have been the victim of a scam.

Could this be the iWatch from Apple?

There are more than a dozen smartwatches out there, but the prospect of an Apple version still excites the market, writes Liron Segev.

How your charger could be killing your phone

The connector for phone chargers (besides the iPhone) may have been standardised, but the insides have not writes Liron Segev.

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