Lisa Skinner

Done in 48 hours

Lisa Skinner hooks up with a team of filmmakers to write, direct, shoot, edit and score a film over the weekend.

Feast of musical flavours rocks Stone Town

<b>Lloyd Gedye</b> and photographer <b>Lisa Skinner</b> spent a week in Zanzibar to attend the Sauti za Busara music marathon.

Take2: Pay your TV licence, it’s the trite thing to do

Anyone unfortunate enough to have SABC1, 2 or 3, will know the pickings are slim. But on Monday they hit their all time thinnest.

Mali’s marvellous capital

Lloyd Gedye and photographer Lisa Skinner get to grips with Bamako.

Global rhythms in Gauteng

Lloyd Gedye and Lisa Skinner caught some international superstars in Gauteng last weekend.

Survival of the fittest

Mail & Guardian photographer Lisa Skinner was the stills photographer on Survivor South Africa: Panama and Survivor Africa Panama, both shot off the coast of Panama. She recently completed Survivor South Africa: Malaysia. Despite protestations she still really loves the sea.

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