Lloyd Gedye

Malcolm Jiyane: A tale of two albums

The jazz musician’s album comes with a backstory as good as the music itself

Angélique Kidjo puts Africa at the centre

Her latest project, Mother Nature, continues a musical trajectory that reflects on Africa’s history, the world’s perceptions of the continent and its influence on music everywhere

Half of the National Arts Council’s PESP funding has gone to a connected 12%

Roadies’ report shows members had first dibs on the National Arts Council’s money

National Arts Council surplus policy ‘breaks Act’

A funding policy loophole seems to be encouraging feeding at the trough at the NAC

Surveillance capitalists overthrow the sovereignty of individuals

Disinformation — turbocharged by social media algorithms — buries lies and propaganda in 'facts'.

South Africa’s auto sector is heading for an overhaul

New guidelines from the Competition Commission should result in cheaper repairs and services for vehicles, and more choice in where to have them done

Canary in the coalmine: How Christopher Dorner keeps showing up in protest music

Musicians break genre boundaries and, through the lyrics about the Los Angeles police officer who killed cops, express black anger

A Player in apartheid gets award

South Africa’s legendary golfer, who is said to have aided the past regime, is honoured by Trump

Another blow for crisis-ridden Prasa

Adding to the debt-ridden state entity’s woes, the rail agency now faces prosecution for anti-competitive conduct regarding bus terminals and services

Matorokisi ignites a global groove

From Brits to Beijing, people are going crazy for Makhadzi’s smash hit which was born from a DJ Call Me beat

Public transport inequality

The Competition Commission’s market inquiry reveals that South Africa’s public transport system remains skewed by class, advantaging middle- and high-income earners

Shopping malls are ‘killing’ independent retailers

The Competition Commission’s Grocery Retail Inquiry has found national supermarket chains are putting small, independent players out of business

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