Luke Baker

Second London car-bomb alert

Police defused a car bomb packed with petrol, gas and nails outside a busy nightclub in the heart of London on Friday, foiling an attack that echoed an earlier al-Qaeda plot and could have killed or wounded scores of people. Possible bomb components were found in a second car hours later, police said on Friday evening.

UK police open terrorism probe after bomb discovery

British police defused a car bomb in central London on Friday and said the device, made up of petrol, gas cylinders and nails, could have caused significant loss of life. The bomb was left in a car parked outside a nightclub in the busy heart of London shortly after 1am local time, when ''hundreds'' of people were in the vicinity.

The coral sea vista opened up by British judges

In a corner room of Britain's Royal Courts of Justice, law lords this week handed victory to David over Goliath. It may not be the last bout in a struggle by residents to return to Diego Garcia, a remote island in the Chagos archipelago turned into a strategic United States military base, but it certainly brought that prospect closer.

Traditional Muslims find love on the web

When ''Sweetgal'', a 29-year-old British Muslim from central England, began looking for a new husband last year, at first she didn't know where to turn. The answer, it turned out, was on the internet. Over the past two years there has been a boom in the use of websites that introduce Muslim men and women who seek traditional marriage.

Gaza killings divide Israel

Israeli newspapers were filled with a mixture of remorse and recrimination on Thursday, a day after the army shelled a town in the Gaza Strip, killing 18 civilians, including women and children. While some commentators said the attack called for national soul-searching, others said it was just the ''price tag'' Palestinians should pay for having launched attacks on Israel.

Israel rejects UN call to end Lebanon blockade

Israel rejected a call by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan on Wednesday to lift its air and sea blockade of Lebanon, saying it will only end the seven-week-old siege once all aspects of a ceasefire are in place. Israel also will not withdraw its troops fully from southern Lebanon until the full implementation of the ceasefire.

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