Luke Baker

Europe votes on ‘Super Sunday’ with far-right in focus

Major EU member states vote on Sunday to elect the 751 deputies to sit in the European Parliament until 2019.

EU freezes ousted Ukraine leaders’ assets, warns Russia over Crimea

EU leaders have frozen assets belonging to deposed Ukraine leaders, and have warned Russia of sanctions if they do not pull troops out of Crimea.

EU summit works on short-term support for Spain, Italy

European finance officials are working on urgent measures to ease financial market pressure on Spain and Italy, which are too big to bail out.

Europe’s leaders face testing month of crisis-fighting

TS Eliot said that April was the cruellest month, but for Europe's leaders, it may prove to be June.

Europe’s leaders meet to sort through debt chaos

Europe's leaders will try to breathe life into their stricken economies but disagreement over plans to alleviate debt chaos has been laid bare.

G20 summit fails to deliver bailout funds

The eurozone won verbal support but no new money at a G20 summit for its tortured efforts to overcome a sovereign debt crisis.

Spain downgrade weighs down eurozone leaders

A double-notch downgrade of Spain's credit rating has piled pressure on Europe's leaders to make progress on solving the region's debt crisis.

Nato to hand security to Afghan forces by end of 2014

Nato says it will hand over security in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 but would not abandon the country in its fight against the Taliban.

Nato seeks missile defence agreement with Russia

Nato will invite Russia to take part in a missile defence shield, a move that would herald the closest cooperation since the end of the Cold War.

EU leaders pledge €7,3bn for climate fight

European leaders promised on Friday to provide developing countries with €7,3-billion to try to win their support for a climate-change deal.

Anger brews over UK journalist’s daring Afghan rescue

The rescue of a British journalist from the Taliban has provoked anger about the risks reporters take in war zones.

Zim economy beginning to recover, says minister

Zimbabwe's economy has turned around in the past four months, the minister for economic planning said on Tuesday.

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