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US committed to defend Japan in territorial rift with China

The US stressed its commitment to the defense of Japan and stability in the Asia-Pacific region against a backdrop of territorial claims by China.

Nato to halt Iraq training programme at year-end

Nato will end its seven-year troop training mission in Iraq at the end of December -- coinciding with the withdrawal of US troops from the country.

Nato concludes Libya mission after seven months

Nato will end its military operation in Libya at midnight on Monday, seven months after launching a campaign that helped overthrow the government.

Nato says airstrikes cripple Gaddafi’s forces

Nato's bombing campaign in Libya has crippled the government's ability to attack rebels fighting to topple Muammar Gaddafi.

Nato to hand security to Afghan forces by end of 2014

Nato says it will hand over security in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 but would not abandon the country in its fight against the Taliban.

Nato chief apologises as Taliban vow revenge

Nato's chief expressed regret on Monday for the deaths of Pakistani soldiers and said he hoped Pakistan's border would reopen for Nato supplies.

Nato proposes new era of cooperation with Russia

Nato proposed a new era of cooperation with the US and Russia on Friday, calling for joint work on missile defence systems.

US offers olive branch to non-violent Taliban

The US offered Taliban fighters who renounce violence in Afghanistan an ''honourable form of reconciliation'' on Tuesday.

EU leaders call for doubling of IMF firepower

EU leaders will urge the G20 leading and emerging economies to double the size of the IMF's arsenal for fighting global recession to -billion.

US urges Nato to target Afghan drugs trade

The US called on Nato on Thursday to allow the alliance to attack the Afghan opium trade, which it said was bringing the Taliban up to -million.

EU turns to Russia for help in Chad mission

The European Union expects Russia to supply it with helicopters for its Chad peace mission despite its dispute with Moscow over Georgia.

Musharraf pledges free elections

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf pledged on Monday to hold free elections as he began a four-country European trip aimed at winning international support. Musharraf's popularity has slumped over recent months in Pakistan, which has been racked by militant attacks, and faces a parliamentary election on February 18.

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