Luke Feltham

What we’ve learned: Four things Premier League devotees can expect from this season

The 2016/17 campaign promises to be markedly different from the preceding one, with Leicester City having given us the first of many surprises.

Confessions of a former voting virgin: My journey from disillusionment to hope

It’s a tough thing to admit to not voting. Anyone who’s skipped an election will likely nod their head in painful approval.

Explore SA’s killing fields: An interactive map to political killings in 2016

Who have been the political figures assassinated, where they died and how.

SABC to appeal Labour Court ruling, will not allow #SABC4 back into their offices

The state broadcaster is set to appeal the court order that it reverse its controversial axing of four journalists.

Pikachu’s crazy Mzansi adventures: Pokémon Go craves some SA flava

The viral frenzy that is the Japanese franchise has spread once more, but how will an infected SA look?

​Ayanda Mabulu defends Zuma-Gupta painting: We must expose the naked truth

The controversial artist took to radio to explain why his painting is completely appropriate in the South African context.

​EFF demobilises after Rivers Church pastor Andre Olivier apologises for racist sermon

The Economic Freedom Fighters will no longer visit Rivers Church and will instead shift their focus to other racist incidents.

Matthew Theunissen’s racist rant goes viral

The 26-year-old's slurs directed at Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula and the 'black' government have sent social media into a frenzy of outrage.

Rhodes has fallen, now we must rise

Desiring change isn't enough: this is how we want political thinking at university to be transformed.

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