Luke Harding

Outgunned rebels struggle on in Syria’s Aleppo

Outnumbered and outgunned, anti-regime guerrillas are fighting to stave off an onslaught by Bashar al-Assad's forces in Aleppo, Syria.

Libyan minority want new deal

The Amazigh were oppressed by Gaddafi and now face another battle for their language and culture, writes Luke Harding.

Racism could turn Ukraine Euro 2012 into PR disaster

On the eve of the Euro 2012 football championships Ukraine is staring at nothing less than a full-blown PR disaster, writes Luke Harding.

Art takes the cake

An African rights body has called on a Swedish minister to resign over her role in an art event that highlighted female genital mutilation and racism.

Puzzle of Putin’s tears

Was it fear, was it rage ­-- or was the ex-KGB tough guy exploring his feminine side when he wept during during his victory speech?

Speak to my lawyer — in English

Russian oligarchs favour British courts to sue each other over their ill-gotten gains.

Return of the Tsar III, IV –

The year is 2024. The world's economic prospects have perked up a bit since the collapse of the euro.

Assange haute for the count

The WikiLeaks founder was rescued from jail by a maverick right-wing libertarian, but then the Swedes spoiled the party.

Russia will revel in the World Cup

Nowhere can math the historic sweep of this post-Soviet World Cup -- and the trains are great.

Long arm of the law reaches for Assange

WikiLeaks founder faces growing legal problems around the world. The US announced that it's investigating whether he violated its espionage laws.

Power to Chávez

Russia has agreed to help Venezuela build its first nuclear power station in a move likely to raise concerns.

Kremlin attacks ‘cold war’ tactics

Spy affair a deliberate attempt to undermine improved US-Russia relations, says Moscow.

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