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Lyal White

Sino-African love story takes a turn

China appears to be taking criticism of its relationship with African countries to heart and is reviewing its approach to investment and development.

Africa is fast catching up with the world

Debate about Africa is now more in sync with other market regions as the continent 'emerges'.

China dreams of better fields

Though growth has slowed, its economic surge has resulted in improvements for millions.

Development: We need a Brazil process, not a Lula moment

Sustained reforms and strong leadership will enable South Africa to reap economic prosperity, says Lyal White.

Economies of scale and diversity

The differing nature of regional economies means a one-size-fits-all approach cannot work, writes Lyal White.

World Cup: The symbol of a new postcolonial world order

The Fifa World Cup represents all the great virtues of globalisation.

Bye-bye machismo

Elections in Bolivia and Chile signal changes in Latin America: the emergence of women in prominent leadership positions and the leftward shift in political orientation. More significant than this realignment is the rise of women in a traditionally conservative and somewhat machismo political environment.

Aristide in SA: More cons than pros?

The South African government has granted the former president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, permission to visit the country for an unspecified period of time. The fact that Aristide and his family have not received formal political asylum is relevant.

Bring on the responsible leadership

As Venezuela enters its seventh week of a general strike, costing the country an estimated $10-billion (8% of its gross domestic product) and the biggest example of wealth destruction in Venezuelan history, one can't help recalling a similar scenario in Argentina exactly one year ago.

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