Madeleine Coorey

Our Earth: Switching off for change

Landmarks and skylines were plunged into darkness as lights around the world were switched off for 'Earth Hour' to raise awareness of climate change.

Royal hoax DJs taken off air amid anger over death

There has public outrage after the suspected suicide of a nurse caught out by radio pranksters pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

WikiLeaks founder Assange to run for senate in Aus

Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks has announced via it's Twitter account that founder Julian Assange will run for Australian senate.

Earth Hour aims for hope in darkened world

Lights will go out around the world on Saturday with hundreds of millions of people set to take part in the Earth Hour climate change campaign.

Activists, Japanese whalers clash in Antarctic waters

Anti-whaling activists and Japanese harpoonists have blamed each other for a collision between their ships in Antarctic waters.

Opera House architect ‘a man ahead of his time’

Australia on Sunday mourned the death of Danish architect Joern Utzon, who designed Sydney's iconic, sail-shaped Opera House.

Australia mourns ‘genius’ Sydney Opera House designer

Australia on Sunday mourned the death of Danish architect Joern Utzon, who designed Sydney's iconic, sail-shaped Opera House.

Australian turns waste water into winning wines

World-beating winemaker Michael Fragos sees his South Australian vineyards as the perfect spot to grow grapes. The only problem is the lack of water in one of the country's driest states, a hurdle that he and other McLaren Vale vignerons have overcome by using treated waste water to irrigate the deep green vines.

Australian PM ratifies Kyoto Protocol

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on Monday he had ratified the Kyoto Protocol on climate change in his first official act after being sworn in as leader. ''Today I have signed the instrument of ratification of the Kyoto Protocol,'' Rudd said in a statement.

Australian winemakers have ‘year of horror’

A year ago, Australia was awash in wine. But thanks to the worst drought in a century, the 2007 vintage will be one of the leanest in years and the grape glut is drying up fast. For winemakers like Terry Dolle, who has a small vineyard near the cool-climate town of Orange west of Sydney, the past year has been a ''series of disasters''.

Qantas takeover blocked by mergers panel

Australia's mergers panel on Sunday rejected a private equity consortium's last-ditch attempt to revive a chaotic Aus$11,1-billion ($9,2-billion) bid for national carrier Qantas. The Airline Partners Australia bid initially collapsed late on Friday after it failed to garner more than 50% of shareholder acceptances.

Free hugs bring ‘Juan Mann’ global fame

It's close to midday on one of the busiest streets in Sydney's centre and Juan Mann is getting nervous. Known to millions as the ''free hugs guy'', he is worried about the lunchtime rush. Ever since a video of Mann appeared on the YouTube website last September, he has become something of a celebrity in his home town.

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