Madeline Chambers

World Cup: Ecstatic crowds welcome Germany home

About a million jubilant fans lined the streets of Berlin to welcome home the German football team and their World Cup trophy on Tuesday.

Newly bequeathed letter shows Beethoven’s misery

A rare handwritten letter by composer Ludwig van Beethoven complaining about illness and a lack of money has turned up at a northern German institute.

Obama hopeful of Middle East peace progress this year

President Barack Obama expressed hope on Friday of making serious progress this year in Middle East peacemaking.

Merkel hits back at minister in China policy row

German Chancellor Angela Merkel hit back at her Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Wednesday in a row over China policy that has highlighted rising tensions in the left-right coalition. On the day Steinmeier, a Social Democrat, took over as Vice-Chancellor, Merkel defended her decision to meet the Dalai Lama two months ago.

Germany seeks new Einsteins for new scientific age

It may have brought the world aspirin, rocket science, quantum physics and the diesel engine, but Germany's days of scientific glory are long gone and it is now hunting for a new generation of Einsteins. Decades of underfunding and a distaste for the elitism nurtured by Nazis has means the world's third-largest economy is trailing its global competitors, causing concern among business leaders and provoking warnings from economists.

G8 leaders strike deal on Africa pledge

World leaders agreed on Friday a -billion pledge to fight HIV/Aids and other killer diseases ravaging Africa. ''The issue is now fixed. The text is agreed,'' a diplomat from a Group of Eight (G8) member country told Reuters on the final day of a summit of the club of industrialised nations.

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