Mamphela Ramphele

Those who attack funerals self-identify as pariahs

What happens in Israel and Palestine does not affect Israelis and Palestinians, alone. It fuels a global fault-line of mistrust, suspicion, intolerance and violence

Ramphele: Cabinet’s talk undermines our intelligence

The announcement by Cabinet that it would assess the judiciary is a poison for our democracy, writes <b>Mamphela Ramphele</b>.

Our house is on fire

We as South Africans recognise that when our house is on fire, we all have to pull together to put out the flames.

Reconciliation is not enough

We need to pay attention to the unfinished business of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It isn't just because, like every process, it ended. It is also that much was promised and some of it was not delivered -- not because of Pumla (Gobodo-Madikizela) or Archbishop (Desmond Tutu), but because of us as South Africans.

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