Mariam Karouny

Islamic State reportedly kidnaps 400 civilians

A monitoring group has claimed that militants kidnapped at least 400 civilians when they attacked the Syrian city of Deir al-Zor.

Syria peace talks hit more trouble

The US has demanded that Syria allow aid in to Homs, as peace talks over the future of President Bashar al-Assad continue.

Slain official’s funeral ends in Beirut violence

The funeral of an assassinated Lebanese intelligence chief ended in violence as mourners broke away and tried to storm the prime minister's offices.

Syrians go to the polls as violence rages

Syrians have voted in elections touted by authorities as a political milestone but dismissed by opposition as a facade as people are killed daily.

Arab League seeks UN support on Syria

As the monitors head out of Syria, the Arab League has called on the United Nations to support a plan to end President Bashar al-Assad's rule.

Seventeen dead as Syrians stage mass protests

Syrian security forces have killed more protesters as hundreds of thousands demonstrated against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria under scrutiny as Arab League mission arrives

A Sudanese general has flown to Damascus to head an Arab League mission to check Syria's compliance with a peace plan to halt a crackdown on unrest.

Medvedev tells Syrian leader: Reform or go

Syrian forces killed at least eight people when they opened fire to disperse protests against President Bashar al-Assad after Friday prayers.

Don’t meddle with Syria, Al-Assad warns West

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned the West his nation would not tolerate any interference, saying that unrest had become more militant.

Syria’s streets stained with blood as 63 die

Syrian forces killed at least 63 civilians in attacks to crush pro-democracy demonstrations on Friday, the human rights organisation Sawasiah said.

Hezbollah-backed Mikati named Lebanon PM

Hundreds of angry protesters burned tyres and blocked roads across Lebanon on Tuesday after Najib Mikati was named Lebanon's prime minister.

Lebanon plunged into uncertainty as govt falls

Lebanon faces a political impasse after Hezbollah and its allies toppled the government over a United Nations-backed tribunal.

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