Marie Huchzermeyer

Bank branches off from the poor

Standard Bank’s decision to close branches and push its app excludes low-income households and the informal sector

A single ‘developer’ seeks to make a farce of spatial justice in Johannesburg

A spatial framework agreed on through a participatory process with Brixton and Rossmore's people is threatened by a businessman and his expansion plan

‘Noma’ uses an intimate and personal vignette to humanise the land issue

Film maker Pablo Pinedo’s documentary is aimed at the comfortable classes, revealing a tale of bravery, destruction, creativity and endurance.

Cycling is still an uphill battle

Many obstacles stand in the way of Jo'burg's nonmotorised project, but it’s a good start.

Journal publishes and is damned

An article has caused academics’ simmering row over a social movement to boil over.

Spy in the sky: Whose drone is it anyway?

Who was behind the drone filming a protest march: a private cameraman, an award-aiming film-maker, the media, or intelligence gathering machinery?

Can we please talk face to face?

Social media resisters are being left out – and then there are CIA and consumerist pitfalls.

New struggle is for ownership of the city

The post-apartheid experiment has dismally failed the poor’s right to urban redress.

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